Batteries for Underground Waste Containers

Over the past few years, the presence of underground waste containers in urban landscape has significantly increased. This development is welcome, as this innovation not only saves space but also offers a more hygienic alternative to traditional waste disposal methods. Underground waste containers operate through electronic systems powered by batteries. Taurac provides a diverse range of batteries tailored for various underground waste container systems.

The Evolution of Waste Management

Traditional above-ground trash bins have long been the norm for waste collection. With urbanization and growing population density, these bins quickly became limiting and inefficient. This spurred the need for smarter, space-saving solutions. Underground waste containers emerged as a revolutionary approach to waste management.ondergrondse_afvalcontainer

These underground waste containers not only provide a neater and cleaner appearance but also require less frequent emptying. This, in turn, reduces the environmental burden. The operation of these containers relies on specialized batteries that provide energy to the electronic control systems.

Batteries for Various Control Systems

The batteries used in underground waste containers play a crucial role in ensuring their reliable operation. These batteries supply power to the electronic components of the underground containers, including sensors for fill level measurement, communication modules, and locking mechanisms.


Taurac batteries for underground containers are compatible with the following control systems:

  • BWaste
  • Chiplock 3.0
  • Chiplock 4.0
  • VConsyst

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Custom-Made Batteries

If an organization employs a control system that is not listed in our range, we can create custom-made batteries. This means that choosing Taurac is always an option, regardless of the control system in use.

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