MOVE concept

Using Taurac products, an electrician will deliver high-quality lighting projects quickly, safely and efficiently. Taurac realizes these added values through our MOVE concept.

With Taurac MOVE we ensure that an electrician is supported as much as possible during the process of selecting, designing and installing luminaires. Time is money and here a brand like Taurac can support their customers to achieve a maximum of efficiency in daily practice.

The MOVE concept consists of 4 parts:

  1. Match guarantee during the selection process of your LED light Electricians are guided to the right product in 4 steps

  2. Solution-Oriented in providing information At Taurac we work with lighting specialists providing customers with information and lighting advice both online and on location

  3. Values of the best quality Realising the best results by A-qusaity products Taurac chooses A-quality: in the drivers of Tridonic en Osram, the LED components and the composition of all our products

  4. Easy to install Taurac products are easily installed with the Click & Go system.

Applying the MOVE concept, Taurac has designed products meeting the requirements of an electrician. Our products will actually help our customers to get their job done.

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