Residential complexes & gallery flats

Optimal light with our lighting solutions for residential complexes & gallery flats.

You probably know them, flats with the bright fluorescent beams or the non-working emergency lighting. It gives you a feeling of discomfort and insecurity. Not the space you want to walk through when you come home after a day of hard work or when you go to your child's birthday. Lighting determines the atmosphere and the feeling of a space. Whereas lighting had a functional value for many years to provide a passage space with light, residents are now making more and more demands on lighting.

Of course, not every luminaire can be placed in a residential complex. First of all from a cost technical point of view. Due to current technological developments, LED lighting can, however, be offered in an increasingly affordable manner. LED lighting also ensures that the residential complex becomes sustainable. And that the operating and maintenance costs of the lighting are drastically reduced.

Our products for residential complexes & gallery flats

Hereford line


Galloway line


Dexter line

Mounted light fittings

Jersey line

Emergency light

Emergency lighting battery packs

How Taurac provides optimal lighting in your residence?

Taurac luminaires have been developed to meet the contemporary demands of a user. The lighting offers flexibility, durability and a healthy atmosphere in a gallery. Taurac has various fixtures available that can be of service in a room where residents will feel at ease and also provide sufficient light to move around safely.

The LED lighting such as the Taurac LED panels and downlights offer reliable solutions for a good light intensity. This creates a pleasant atmosphere. With a light intensity of over 5000 Kelvin, you create a light color equivalent to daylight with Taurac lighting.

Our products have a powerful Tridonic driver and have the option of DALI connection. With DALI you can connect your luminaire to dimming systems and connect it to presence sensors. That will promote the sustainability of a gallery.

In addition to LED lighting, Taurac has an extensive emergency lighting line. The range meets the legal requirements and standards and consists of recessed and surface-mounted luminaires that guarantee a safe living space. In addition to the emergency lighting fixtures, Taurac also has an extensive range of batteries for emergency lighting.

Which lighting does my residential complex need?

When choosing the right lighting, you must take into account a number of requirements. Here you have to think of, inter alia, the following points:

  • Comply with the Workplace Lighting EN12464 standard
  • Proper lighting for the activities in the room
  • Requirements for visual comfort (from right direction)
  • Appearance disturbing glare and shadowing
  • Minimum lighting levels (lux)

The choice of luminaires for residence is also enormous. Clear and expert advice helps you make the right decisions. At Taurac we employ lighting specialists who can guide you in the development of a lighting plan for your residence. To choose the right light for the right application.

We are happy to share our knowledge with you to help you find the best lighting for your building. Feel free to contact us for more information.