Optimal work light with our lighting solutions for industry.

Lighting plays an essential role in the production and storage of goods in an industrial environment. A fixture that has the right light intensity, light color and light direction will provide many benefits.

The light intensity and direction will ensure a workplace and space for movement that is well and clearly illuminated. This will improve the safety of the working environment. The viewing conditions and concentration of your employees will also improve, so that an employee can quickly find a product in a large storage room.

Our products for industries

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How Taurac provides optimal lighting in your industrial environment?

Taurac luminaires have been developed to meet the contemporary demands of a user. The lighting offers flexibility, durability and a healthy working atmosphere in a warehouse, storage or factory. Taurac has various fixtures available that can be of service in a production and / or storage area.

The Taurac Highbay luminaire offers an excellent solution for lighting buildings with a high ceiling. This fixture is available in a DALI version, which makes the product dimmable and can be linked to various (presence) sensors.

With different beam angles (90 ° and 120 °), the Taurac light line system offers an optimum distribution of the light intensity in a warehouse, industrial space or factory halls. This light system offers as much as 160 lumens per watt, which ensures a safe working environment.

For business areas where waterproof fixtures are necessary Taurac offers several options. The IP67 provides an excellent basis for lighting include pools and production halls. Due to the different angles of radiation offers the luminaire solutions in the efficient use of a space.

Which lighting is important for my factory or storage?

When choosing the right lighting, you must take into account a number of requirements. Here you have to think of, inter alia, the following points:

  • Comply with the Workplace Lighting EN12464 standard
  • Proper lighting for the activities in the room
  • Requirements for visual comfort (from right direction)
  • Appearance disturbing glare and shadowing
  • Minimum lighting levels (lux)

The choice of luminaires for storage and factory space is also enormous. Clear and expert advice helps you make the right decisions. At Taurac we employ lighting specialists who can guide you in the development of a lighting plan for your factory, warehouse or storage space. To choose the right light for the right application.

We are happy to share our knowledge with you to help you find the best lighting for your building. Feel free to contact us for more information.