Industrial environments

Optimal work light with our lighting solutions for industrial environments

The use of lighting and batteries plays an essential role for the production and storage of goods in an industrial environment. A luminaire with the right light intensity, light color and light direction offers many advantages.

The light intensity and direction ensure a workplace and movement space that is well and clearly lit. This will improve the safety of the working environment. The visibility conditions and the concentration of your employees will also improve, so that an employee can quickly find a product in a large storage room.

The power of lighting in the industry

Our Taurac fixtures have been developed to meet the contemporary requirements of a user. The lighting offers flexibility, sustainability and a healthy working atmosphere in a warehouse or factory. Taurac has various fixtures available that can applied in a production and / or storage area.

The Taurac Highbay offers an excellent solution for lighting buildings with high ceilings. This fixture is available in a DALI version, which makes the product dimmable and can be linked to various (presence) sensors.

With different beam angles (90 ° and 120 °), the Taurac light line system offers an optimum distribution of the light intensity in a warehouse, industrial space or factory halls. The light system offers up to 160 lumen watt, which ensures a safe working environment.

Taurac offers various options for commercial spaces where waterproof luminaires are required. The IP67 fixtures are excellent lightings for swimming pools and damp production halls. The different beam angles enable efficient use of space.

Why is a safe working environment so important?

For a safe working environment emergency lighting is essential. Reliable emergency lighting makes it possible to carry out (risky) work safely. In addition, the emergency lighting helps to find first aid and extinguishing devices. Emergency lighting indicates escape routes so that people can safely reach the emergency exit in case of danger. The emergency lighting fixtures from the Jersey line and emergency lighting batteries have been developed from the work and thinking world of the installer according to the [MOVE principle]](/move-concept). Our range meets the legal requirements and standards.

Specific battery solutions

In addition to (emergency) lighting, Taurac also supplies specific battery solutions for industrial environments. Think of remote control batteries for truck loaders, concrete pumps, demolition robots and overhead cranes, but also batteries for waste containers. Our batteries offer solutions for projects, installers, construction companies and demolition companies, among others.

Taurac solutions for industries

Taurac is happy to help you equip your office or business premises with our lighting and battery solutions: