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Optimal lighting with our retail lighting solutions

An attractive shopping environment is created by proper shop lighting. This allows you to create an atmosphere that appeals to and inspires your customer. By illuminating the retail space with flexible lighting zones and clear product presentations, you will attract visitors from the shopping streets into your store. With dynamic lighting you can let the customer control the lighting in a fitting room, so that the customer will feel more at ease and make purchases.

Lighting in a store can be expensive. With the right LED lighting you can achieve savings of up to 60% on your current energy costs. By making lighting intelligent and connecting it to sensors, light can offer sustainable added value for your business.

The power of lighting in retail premises

Taurac luminaires have been developed to meet the contemporary requirements of a user. The lighting offers flexibility, sustainability and a healthy working atmosphere in a shop. Taurac has several luminaires available that can be of service in a space where customers will feel comfortable, products can be clearly presented and customers are willing to purchase.

Taurac LED panels and downlights offer reliable solutions for good light intensity. This ensures a customer-friendly atmosphere and a clear and attractive presentation of the products. With a light intensity of more than 5000 Kelvin, the Taurac lighting creates a light color that corresponds to daylight.

Our products have a powerful Tridonic driver and have the option of DALI connection. With DALI you can connect your fixture to your building management system and connect it to existing sensors. That will promote the sustainability of a store.

Why is a safe shopping environment so important?

In addition to LED lighting, Taurac has an extensive emergency lighting line. Emergency lighting is essential for a safe working and shopping environment. Reliable emergency lighting makes it possible to carry out (risky) work safely. In addition, the emergency lighting helps to find first aid and extinguishing devices. Emergency lighting indicates escape routes so that people can safely reach the emergency exit in case of danger. The emergency lighting fixtures from the Jersey line and emergency lighting batteries have been developed from the work and thinking world of the installer according to the MOVE principle. Our range meets the legal requirements and standards.

Taurac solutions for your shop

Taurac is happy to help you equip your shop or retail building with our lighting and battery solutions: