About Taurac

Taurac supplies LED lighting and various batteries for professionals in the market. Our lighting line consists of various fixtures such as LED panels, downlights, high bays, light lines and watertight fixtures. With Taurac batteries we supply power sources for emergency lighting, remote control and waste container applications.

All our products and services are based on our MOVE concept. On a daily base you might experience four elements which we would like to prevent with our MOVE concept:

  1. Match guarantee during the short selection process with a maximum of five steps.
  2. Orientated on solutions by providing the correct information, both online and on location
  3. Values in safety and efficiency by choosing the best quality
  4. Easy installation through our Click & Go system

Taurac is committed to helping the customer answer questions as fully and clearly as possible. We have specialized employees who can advise you personally in offering solutions for your project. Our products are delivered through our partner dealers. These specialize in a personal approach and advice.

Where Light Meets Power