Optimal work light with our lighting solutions for offices.

The design of an office building has changed rapidly in recent years. Whereas ten years ago a workspace consisted of a standard office with a small difference in design per room, today every office space must have its own identity. Users want to feel at home in a room where they are present most of the week. In addition, office spaces must be flexibly arranged for a large diversity of users. Themes such as climate change, sustainability and a healthy working environment play a major role in terms of the demands of the current user.

Power of lighting in an office space

With the developments in user requirements, the requirements for lighting in an office building are also changing. Enlightenment plays an important role in creating one's own identity. Good lighting ensures higher productivity, a healthy working environment and a pleasant working atmosphere. By placing lighting in a building that can digitally adapt to the environment, use and application, a workplace is created that meets the legal standard for workplace lighting (EN 12464).

Our products for offices

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How does Taurac lighting ensure a sustainable office building?

From January 1, 2023, every office building must comply with the energy label C. With a minimum efficacy of 120 lm / watt, the LED lighting from Taurac has a powerful product that meets this requirement. By using the Taurac LED lighting you prepare your office building for the future. In addition, you can partially offset investments through the Energy Investment Allowance (EIA).

Which lighting is important for my factory or storage?

When choosing the right lighting, you must take into account a number of requirements. Here you have to think of, inter alia, the following points:

  • Comply with the Workplace Lighting EN12464 standard
  • Proper lighting for the activities in the room
  • Requirements for visual comfort (from right direction)
  • Appearance disturbing glare and shadowing
  • Minimum lighting levels (lux)

The choice of luminaires for offices is also enormous. Clear and expert advice helps you make the right decisions. At Taurac we employ lighting specialists who can guide you in the development of a lighting plan for your business space. To choose the right light for the right application.

We are happy to share our knowledge with you to help you find the best lighting for your building. Feel free to contact us for more information.