Offices and business premises

Optimal work light with our office lighting solutions

The design of an office building has changed rapidly in recent years. Whereas ten years ago a workspace consisted of a standard office with only small differences in design per room, today every office space has its own identity. Users want to feel at home in a room where they spend most of their time during a working-week. In addition, office spaces must be flexibly arranged for a large diversity of users. Themes such as climate change, sustainability and a healthy working environment play a major role in terms of the demands of the current user.

Power of lighting in an office space

With changing user requirements, the requirements for lighting in an office building also change. Lighting plays an important role in creating an own identity. Good lighting ensures higher productivity, a healthy working environment and a pleasant working atmosphere. By placing lighting in a building that digitally can adapt to the environment, use and application, a workplace is created that meets the legal standard for workplace lighting (EN 12464).

The importance of a safe work environment

For a safe working environment emergency lighting is essential. Reliable emergency lighting makes it possible to carry out (risky) work safely. In addition, the emergency lighting helps to find first aid and extinguishing devices. Emergency lighting indicates escape routes so that people can safely reach the emergency exit in case of danger. The emergency lighting fixtures from the Jersey line and emergency lighting batteries have been developed from the work and thinking world of the installer according to the MOVE principle. Our range meets the legal requirements and standards.

Taurac solutions for your office or business premises

Taurac is happy to help you equip your office or business premises with our lighting and battery solutions: