Healthcare and Welfare

Optimal lighting with our lighting solutions for healthcare facilities

Healthcare institutions must meet the highest safety requirements with their buildings and their facilities. Lighting plays an essential role. Due to the great diversity in use of spaces in a care institution, the requirements for lighting are also extensive and different.

Lighting in a hospital has a broader function than just producing light. The light should create a pleasant atmosphere for patients. It must also offer doctors and nursing staff the opportunity to do their work safely and with concentration.

Poor light has a major impact on people's health. Often there are many places in hospitals with too little or no light at all. When patients are being cared for in a hospital for a long time, it is very important to create a calm atmosphere. Proper lighting can be essential.

The power of lighting in a healthcare facility

Taurac luminaires are developed to respond to the contemporary requirements of a healthcare institution. Our lighting offers a pleasant environment and a healthy, safe working atmosphere.

Taurac has various luminaires available, which can be applied in both a patient environment and a staff room. LED panels and downlights offer reliable solutions for good light intensity.

Both products have a powerful Tridonic driver and the option for DALI connection. With DALI you can connect your luminaire to your building management system.

Why is a safe working and living environment so important?

In addition to LED lighting, Taurac has an extensive emergency lighting line. Emergency lighting is essential for a safe working environment for staff and a living environment for, for example, the elderly or sick people. Reliable emergency lighting makes it possible to carry out (risky) work safely. In addition, the emergency lighting helps to find first aid and extinguishing devices. Emergency lighting indicates escape routes so that people can safely reach the emergency exit in case of danger. The emergency lighting fixtures from the Jersey line and emergency lighting batteries have been developed from the work and thinking world of the installer according to the MOVE principle. Our range meets the legal requirements and standards.

Taurac solutions for healthcare facilitites

Taurac is happy to help you equip your healthcare facilitites with our lighting and battery solutions: