Taurac Emergency Lighting Series: Basic, Plus, and Premium?

Taurac introduced the Basic emergency lighting series under the Jersey line about ten years ago. Following feedback from professional users, the Plus and Premium series quickly followed in 2016 and 2021, respectively. These three options provide installers with choices that cater to various needs.

Options for Varied Applications

The choice between Basic, Plus, and Premium depends on the specific requirements of the space, such as the type of emergency lighting needed (emergency route lighting, emergency route indication, or both), viewing distance, IP and IK ratings, and installation method. Installers select the appropriate luminaire based on these requirements and customer preferences. Factors such as lifespan, aesthetics, budget, ease of installation, and operation also play a role.

Basic Emergency Lighting

Quality at an affordable price, suitable for venues such as restaurants, offices, shops, and temporary structures. With a long lifespan and easy installation, these luminaires are cost-effective and environmentally friendly. With the option for accessories and replaceable internals, Taurac Basic offers a budget-friendly solution.

Plus Series

A high-quality total solution with accessories and pictograms in one package. With a luxurious appearance, these luminaires are suitable for locations where aesthetics are important. Guaranteed lifespan of at least 75,000 hours. Suitable for various installations with easy wall, recessed, and surface mounting at an affordable price.

Premium Emergency Lighting

The ultimate total solution with accessories and pictograms in one package, including additional options such as a battery heater, external battery, pendant kit, and protective cage. These luminaires are of top quality, with a robust housing, high-quality LEDs, and advanced electronics, competing with renowned A-brands. With various options, including decentralized and centralized luminaires, and choices of plastic, aluminum, or steel design, the Taurac Premium series offers the widest selection.

For advice

For advice on the Taurac emergency lighting series Basic, Plus, and Premium, please contact our lighting specialists.

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