Facts on light - LED warehouse lighting

Sunlight stimulates the production of serotonin, a chemical messenger in our nerves that makes us happy”

Disadvantages of fluorescent lighting include the lifespan, energy consumption and flashing of the lighting.

Highbay fixtures are often used in a warehouse with a roof height higher than 8 meters

Sunlight on an unclouded day is 100,000 lux, and 1,000 lux with cloud cover

The blinking of a light source is expressed in Flicker

1.2 to 1.5% of absenteeism is due to a poorly lit workplace

Flicker greater than 35% is perceived as a nuisance, 0 to 15% is desirable

TL has a flicker value of 35%, LED lighting of approximately 2.5%

To properly illuminate a warehouse aisle, the NEN-EN prescribes a light output of 150 LUX

A good light color for a storage space is 6000 Kelvin

6,000 Kelvin is also called “white” cold light

When using Highbay fixtures, attention must be paid to the light distribution

In a production company, 20% of energy consumption is spent on lighting

In warehouses where you work with forklifts (that look upwards) you have to be careful that the lighting does not blind you

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