Why choose Taurac Safelog?

Up until today the use of cable-connected self-contained monitoring systems in installation work has resulted in a considerable effort. In addition to the installation of the power supply, each luminaire also needs to be equipped with a BUS line for communication. The installer regularly has to face challenges in implementing the extra bus line – in historic-protected buildings this is sometimes not possible at all.

The Safelog monitoring system offers an intelligent solution for these challenges. It is a surveillance system that is easy to install enabling communication with wireless luminaires without een additional BUS line. The installer only has to mechanically install the devices and supply them locally with voltage (230V AC). It is possible to monitor up to 500 wireless luminaires and 500 wire-connected BUS devices. Like this, the system is suitable for up to 1000 luminaires.

Safelog 01


Safelog Touch is a monitoring system with a number of integrated functions and a touchscreen for remote monitoring of decentral luminaires. Thus, the hybrid Safelog system is suitable for up to 500 wireless luminaires (SRF 868MHz) and 500 luminaires with a bus line (RS485).

The connected luminaires are directed via a 5”colour display that shows the status of each luminaire using icons en text. Safelog Touch is equipped with an USB poort of external storage, keybord or mouse. The range of the wireless netwerk is up to 30 meters and a repeater even extends this range and stabilizes the communication. Wireless and wire-connected bus luminaires can be combined.

The integrated webserver of the Safelog Touch monitoring system makes it possible that the status of each luminaire is visible. The connected devices can be monitored automatically, the location of a device can be entered with a maximum of 30 signs. RJ45 network connection with TCP / IP protocol.

In addition, the monitoring system can be operated remotely and blueprints can be saved. The integrated webserver includes web visualisation, web operating and building visualisation.

The system is equipped with an automatic functioning test, het electronic log book saves all actions in the control center for at least 4 years. The log detail can be analyzed and and evaluated via web control. The connected devices can be turned into permanent en non-permanent mode (all / BUS line / group / luminaire).

The network is self-restoring: if a connection is blocked or fails, the network automatically sets itself up again.

Safelog Safelog


  • Safelog Touch Wireless unit
  • Wireless luminaires
  • Wireless repeater (if required)
  • Cable-connected BUS luminaire
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