Safety instructions

Safety instructions

  • Ambient temperature

    Exceeding the maximum allowable ambient temperature specified for this product in the specifications may shorten the lifespan of the LED in the fixture or, in exceptional cases, lead to premature failure. The ambient temperature must not be exceeded; the fixture is intended for use in an indoor space with an ambient temperature of 0 - 45 °C.

  • Expert personnel required

    Electrical work on the fixture may only be carried out by a certified installer or by authorized and trained personnel.

  • Switch off mains power

    Perform work on the fixture only after it has been completely de-energized. Mains power must always be switched off before connecting the fixture.

  • Do not replace led light source

    The led light source in the fixture should not be altered or replaced by the user. In case of ledmodule failure or malfunctions, please contact Taurac or an authorized electrical installer for repair work.