Sunlight stimulates the production of serotonin, a chemical messenger in our nerves that makes us happy”

1.2 to 1.5% of absenteeism is due to a poorly lit workplace

"Young eyes" (20 and 30 years old) need 100 lux to perform well. "Old eyes" (over 50) need 3,000 lux

Sunlight on an unclouded day is 100,000 lux, and 1,000 lux with cloud cover

By artificial light during the past 50 years, nearly two hours less sleep

In 1930 the illuminance in offices was 30 lux. Today, an average of 400 lux is measured in offices

In the Netherlands, about 90 percent of us spend indoors

In the Netherlands, about ten percent of people suffer from winter depression

The NEN-EN prescribes a light output of 500 LUX for good lighting of a workplace

4,000 Kelvin is the ideal light color for an office space

People who work in colorless or gray offices are on average more ill than people who work outside or in offices with the correct color setting

Do you want to hold a brainstorming session? Then dim the light. Soft light promotes creativity.

Do you want to type that report or analyze those numbers? All lights on!

German psychologists determined in 2013 that people in the dark are more creative

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