Each sector has different needs and requirements.

We work for a wide range of branches and sectors. Our lighting concepts find their way within the retail sector, the hotel and catering industry, the office sector and housing, utility construction, installation companies, sports and recreation, education and museums.
We have a specialist who knows the market well for all branches and sectors. In this way we can guarantee that you as a customer always receive sound advice that takes into account the trends and developments within the industry in which you are located.


Taurac luminaires have been developed to meet the contemporary demands of a user. The lighting offers flexibility, durability and a healthy working atmosphere in an office space.


Lighting plays an essential role in the production and storage of goods in an industrial environment. A fixture that has the right light intensity, light color and light direction will provide many benefits.

Healthcare & Welfare

Healthcare institutions must meet the highest requirements in terms of building safety and its design. Lighting plays an essential role in this.The size diversity in use of spaces in a healthcare facility, to which the illumination requirements be extended and different.


Sustainability, flexibility and the creation of a safe and stable environment are central to this. Students should have as little distraction as possible to prevent concentration problems.


An attractive retail is formed by the right store lighting. This allows you to create an atmosphere that appeals to and inspires your customer.

Residential complexes & Gallery flats

Taurac has various fixtures available that can be of service in a room where residents will feel at ease and also provide sufficient light to move around safely.